Download addonpack in crack.exe

Hi again devvvvs

I frequently do workshops and use the addonpack as a sort of second nature so I always say that the students should download and install the addonpack.
It is however difficult for quite some students to download and place the addonpack correctly.

How about having a download addonpack button in crack.exe that would download and place the addonpack so that it works.

just an idea


yes that wold save some clicks.
why are that 8 MB not shipped with the main download anyway?
just wondering

sounds interesting.

the reason for addonpack not being included in main download is licensing:

  • all things included in the main download are covered by vvvvs commercial license
  • for stuff in the addonpack vvvv does not charge. individual licensing may apply, see: addonpack\plugins\licenses

jep, same experience as sune. some ppl are incapable of copying stuff into a folder…

yes i agree, and a note on crack could also make clear once for evrybody vvhy the addons aren’t bundled.

I am not an expert, but the difference from the already existing links to download .net and directx is very big, it would need to download and unzip. is that such a big difference?