mini contribution time (:
this module tracks mouse clicks for double clicks or even more than 2 clicks (tripple- and quattroclicks would be possible) and indicates if the last click is hold -> drag by doubleclick. maybe someone might find it useful. (3.46 Kb)

greetinX, b³

ps: i´m thinking about the problematic that the one doubleclick module is set to doubleclick track and another module is set to tripleclick track, then the doubleclick tracking module would indicate it´s two clicks, too. how could one avoid this ? ^^

Hi Bigbabou,

You could probably avoid this by switching the doubleclick module off when a tripleclick or quadclick is detected, so it might need a time-out of about 200 to 500 ms and an input pin “enabled”…

just my two cents… ;-)

Just for sure, I also spoke with b3 about this. There is something not documentated in the mouse-module. If you click once, a 1 spill out, if you doubleclick, a 2.

But this module is indeed very useful for doing tripleclicks and other stuff.

Oh, that above (1-2) only works for mouse (system global).