Double vision


I am working with a boygroup. Not sure if it is my environment or not but…

I create a boygroup server (xp) and client (vista). Everything I do on the server appears twice on the client. For example I create a renderer node on the server, boygroup it and I get a renderer window on the client with two “DirectX Renderer” tabs open on the client.

I am using the latest version on both machines (vvvv_40beta19.1).

Any ideas?

there was this thread about it. see last post from joreg.

Great. Thanks for that.

Hmmm. I am finding that specifying the root node to be my patch cures the double vision issue but my main patch window on the server isn’t visible now. Do you know if there are any plans to fix this?i


if you want your rootpatch visible press ctrl+r (show root). then save once and on the next startup it will be visible.

i think joreg meant ALT + R

fcourse. sorry. ctrl+r = revert to saved. that wouldn’t do any good here.

Hello devvvvs,

please try to solve this bug in the next beta (>40beta20) … have not seen anything about it in the change log yet.
This bug really is annoying during patching/debugging/jumping between several boygrouped patches.

Another minor bug in current boygrouping is, that the patch is not unloading properly on the clients when quitting vvvv on the server.
You have to close the patch before quitting … then unloading works fine.


hi markus,

i would hope that if you have a startup root patch you can work on the server, (un-/)boygroup nodes and everything works fine.

am i right that there is only false behavior when no root patch is specified or when you want to switch root patches?

sorrily we don’t have the resources to do that bug fix until the upcoming release. however i’ll put it on the list for beta22.

hi gregsn,

yes, everything is working correct when patch on server is defined as rootpatch.

… of course switching between different patches is a bit uncomfortable this way.

markus (waiting for beta22)

hi markus,
sorry for that

however what about using a superroot patch holding only the one or other root? (that way you never would close the actual root but only close a patch and open another) just a stupid workaround idea. dont know if it works either…

luckily you still should have a reason to be happy about the upcoming release (the other thread…)