Double connection to input

I am not sure this is a a real bug or just a graphical glitch.

While patching I changed input of Frac (value) from one output to another and was surprised when vvvv did not delete the old connection. see attached image. I made a screen shot before saving and of course the glitch disappeared before that I tried copying the part of the patch to a new patch and the glitch did not copy to the new patch.

I can not reproduce the bug… not even in the same patch.


double_input_bug.jpg (7.6 kB)

i’ve seen this occasionally too, but again can’t reproduce! Has happened with subpatches and various nodes…

ja, that bugged me all the time also. i found one way to reproduce: simply make a connection 3 times (or more often) and the links will all stay (after the 3rd). now i fixed that for beta>21 and i hope that was really it.