Don't get how Vux'ens InputMorph (Advanced) works?!

Hey Vux,

hey could you please explain how your InputMorph (Advanced) Module works … see attached patch.

By the way I’m on the latest alpha - maybe there’s a bug and that explains the weird behaviour?!

InputMorph Test.v4p (4.4 kB)

the switchcount seems to be 0…spreadcount-1 and not 0…1. this is kind of an spectral input morph.


yeah also noticed that … the thing is that it runs in reverse in comparison to the Shift - actually the point of confusion.


InputMorph Test 2.v4p (7.4 kB)

thats correct, the nodes have nothing to do with each other. the input morph should give you slice 0 when you put in 0, slice 1 when you put in 1 and so on, like a GetSlice with interpolation. the shift node shifts the spread to the right, that means that the last slices pop to the front when you go up, it also has no interpolation between the slices.