Dome :)

now i get rid of the Problem with the Domerenderer from some posts before i get the five projektions out of five computers but-- “If you start a client with
vvvv /client serverip
then vvvv will look for all textures relative to the path where vvvv.exe resides on the client (in case you are using relative paths for your textures).” this is written in the helptext of Boygroup, i only get sqares but no pictures or films as content.
I put the pictures to the same path on my harddisc on both sides, Server! and Client! could you give a help what my problem can be?
Or is it better to use the multiscreen node to project a hole Room? I tryed this first but without success
greats from Bielefeld

probaly the easiest way to avoid any braintwisting here is using absolute paths for textures and videos, and have exact same paths on client and server .

and also note that shaders are currently not synced via the boygroup. you will need to copy any shader modifications manually to the shaders folder on the renderclients.

and also see Boygrouping which describes in the first FAQ how to define an absolute basepath for all relative file-references on clients.

Yes it works I forgot the C:\ after the Server IP thanks a lot lot lot.

just to make things clear, the domerenderer module is just a camera rig with rendering functionality. we used it for rendering v4 content in order to stitch it with a dome stitching tool for after effects.

there is no geometry correction nor soft-edges. so i don’t see any purpose for realtime projection unless u project into a square room. anyway, i’m interested in what u doing…show us the results :)

I worked on my diploma in architecture and want to build an immersive, interaktiv room i try hard to get rid of the problem to projekt one large sequenz over four projectors after i was at meso in jan last year i was interrested in vvvv but had not realy the time to learn. Now i`ve learned some things but less than 1% i think. My room is a square room witch is tracked with a cam in EyesWeb the Data via OSC to the Domerenderer at some pins to have visual effects made by the customer. all Boygrouped to four Notebooks. An other tracking will be recognize the flour witch is split into some squares if a person pass the square some adotional souns fade in and out when he leave the square. So that it all in all is a installation in witch one can interact. I only can ask the Boyz in this Blog no Prof can help me and i have to be ready in two weeks.

At the time my only Problem is to do some changes on the Domerenderer in realtime it won`t work in realtime if i change the needed pins with the mous all is done at the client but with the output from UDP/OSC EyesWeb it only sometimes work means i.o. the colour change - but the transform pins not. is there a problem with the network?? Will i be heavy on the woodway? please tell me gve me a hint, please.

doesnt sound too complicated. i could help u with that and do some patching. problem is, i’m not home for about 2 weeks. the only support i could offer is via email. my briefkasten is christian(kringeli) write down your setup and goal and i might be able to do some quick patching at some point to push you in the right direction.

apart from that, keep on posting specific problems in this forum. i’m sure everyone is willing to help.