DOF with 2 or more different meshes, any ideas?

How can I render a scene that involves 2 or more meshes with Depth of Field as per dottore’s DOF dof?

IDEA 1: At present I am trying to run the DOF-Depth subpatch on each mesh and then combine these two renders to make a combined depth map before sending on to DOF subpatch. see ‘DOF experiment.v4p’
Problem I have here is combining the two depth maps into one with something similar to photoshop’s ‘darker colour’ blending mode, which I cant figure out how to replicate in vvvv.

IDEA 2: have you got an idea ?

Note: I am using DOF v1.0 because v1.1 doesn’t work for me.

DOF 1.0 help patch with 2 different meshes (18.1 kB)

john, dottore’s dof patch is showing how to realize the technique, but whatever scene you have it must be customized for it… so if you try to investigate what actually happens in that patch, that will answer you question quite easily…
You have a good idea but it’s wrong in point combining renders…

cheers antokhio, sounds like time to dive further into the world fx then.

combine layers instead

This maybe totally obvious, and I really appreciate your replies antokhio, but I am not sure what you mean by ‘layers’ ?

which of the following were you thinking:

  • separate inputs on a group node (with blending settings)
  • within an effect (with multiple texture inputs)
  • something else ??

Find attached an updated version of my test patch utilising an ‘effect’ implementing a ‘darker colour’ type blending mode between two depth map textures (layers ?) which was a positive learning experience in the world of fx, but I am still not sure if this is the right direction.
I feel like I am re-inventing the wheel by making a ‘darker colour’ effect !!! surely there is an established way to deal with this task ???
Thanks again and power to all vvvv’ers groovvvve

DOF 1.0 multi mesh experiment (19.7 kB)

drop that in to your previous folder
the simples answer always correct

DOF experiment group.v4p (41.5 kB)

sometimes i am so oblivious to the obvious,
well that seems to work … 100 % awesome + simple.
on first look this looks like the answer to this thread.

Thanks again antokhio and all who make vvvv possible