DOF help

hello collected vvvisdom,

as a newbie i’d like to ask for help.
have this patch attached where i want to navigate in this text-cloud.
to be cool i wanted to give it the DOF touch. but i am stuck in ignorance.
i just cant figure how to utilize this DOF plugin by dottore…
thats for one.

then some more Q’s:
1.) can i do line-breaks in a textstring?
2.) how would i render connecting lines between the text-entries?
3.) i am texturing a quad with a alpha-channel video that should be always in front of the text…but it behaves erratic: sometimes it is in front sometimes not, don/t know what i am doing wrong there…
4.) whats the best way to preload video (is it the same as video load to ram?)


textcloudNoiseDOF.v4p (63.1 kB)

hello itsnotfair (nice nick btw)

as i don’t have real time on my hand right now, i just fixed your patch in a messy hack’n slay way which hopefully gives you some insight. if nobody else jumps on this thread, i’ll probably return later with some further explanation… (and maybe improvements to the patch, as the blur settings do not make sense right now. also there seems to be an error in the combinig stage which introduces evil jaggies) (17.2 kB)

thanks a lot m4d, looks very funky now :-)
i still have a lot to learn on how to apply this DOF filter.