DOF Effect on Text(EX9) Sprites?

Hey everyone!

I’m working on some kind of interactively animated text cloud with dynamic content.
I’ve created a big sphere in which i put a random spread of ex9 Text objects (the sprite ones). I tried it with ex9.geometry text before but that’s a performance killer as soon as I put in a bunch of small sentences.

To enhance the appearance of my animation I’d love to have a depth of field effect in there. Dottore’s DOF1.1 would be perfect I guess, but on my machine the main rendering window stays black. Besides I think that it does only work with geometry objects anyway, right?
So do you guys know weather there already exists a patch/shader which could be useful for me or how I could achieve such an effect?
I have to admit that I’m quite new in doing visual stuff with vvvv so excuse me if my approach might be foolish.

Any thought is welcome!

Just some thoughts, you can ‘fake’ the Depth renderer from the DOF helpfile, use the Z-information that have to place the text in space to create a Gray color, that can match the focus you want to create. So it can work with any other stuff besides geometry objects.

But first you need to have the DOF shader working.

  • Do you have any red (missing) nodes in the DOF help patch? (beta 24)
  • Do other shaders work for you?
  • Do you have a nice/decent GFX card? (not sure what you need to run this)

Hey West!

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll try what you proposed as soon as I get the shader to work.

I don’t have any red nodes in the help patch or its sub patches.
Other shaders work fine on my machine. As I recall I just encountered problems with dottore’s shaders so far. His velvety shader also didn’t work. Same thing. Main rendering window stays black.
My GFX card is a Radeon X800GT. Other render intense shaders work fine.

I think I know why DOF1.1 won’t work.
I just read that my GFX card (Radeon x800gt) uses PS2.0.
Guess this shader just works with newer cards…