Does "videoout" funktion?

Hello all. Hallo Alles.

about “videoout”(device) from ver.9.10
does it function?

I’m now connecting USB cam as “videoin” source, and am trying to show this camera image to DV-camera with connecting ilink(IE1333)cable. (USB camera is Okay to show its image on “videoout” window on PC-screen.)

Is it possible, or do I need another patch between “videoin” and “videoout” to comvert image size or formatt to show out side device like DV camera?


takiscope aus Tokio.

basically it should work as expected - please open a Renderer (TTY), try again and report the messages here…

you’ll have to connect a Codec (DShow9) node between videoin and videoout and use the DVcodec. that should do.