Do you still use fullscreen mode?

Since a couple of years I replaced using fullscreen ctrl+enter with just hiding the window bar with ctrl+8 or using set renderer.

I find it more easy, but I’ve read some posts about how fullscreen is better for performance.

What are your opinions ?

Can you explain why you would find that easier?

Fullscreen mode is different from windowed mode - the gpu can synchonize the refreshrate of the renderer with the refresh rate of your monitor, which makes the image nicer, especially for fast movements. Also, I think, there is a performance difference in that the graphics card doesn’t need to worry about where to draw which window, it can draw to the screen directly. Correct me if I’m wrong on the performance difference.

But again, how is using SetRenderer or pressing ctrl+8 and maximizing easier than setting the fullscreen pin or pressing ctrl+enter?

in case you use dx11 it doesn’t matter (yet, since dx11 fullscreen is maximized window only)

dx9 has the mentioned performance gains from true fullscreen

@dominikKoller one issue often encountered with fullscreen is that it doesn’t get the right resolution with custom setups

Yes im refering to DX9

OH I forgot to mention !

with windowed mode, you can span one single renderer across any number of outputs from the same gpu

You can have some problems setting multiple fullscreen windows on some setups/gpus …

vvvv can crash if you go fullscreen multiple outputs at the same time…

Also if vvvv crashes for other reason, some projectors can have signal loss, and reopen can cause the same thing…

I know there’s workarounds, but in my experience, windowed mode is the standard since some versions ago…

I know there’s workarounds

I’ll quickly list mine, I usually use fullscreen mode for vsync (nicer fast motions) and performance reasons.

Spanning a renderer over multiple displays is a solution I’ve used. However, the most performant solution here is grouping displays in the gpu driver (EyeFinity for AMD and Surround/Mosaic for nvidia). I found the drivers to be hard to configure, horrible interfaces, plan in enough time if going for a display group solution. My experience was that once configured, both systems are quite stable if no displays are ever unplugged - otherwise prepare to do the whole thing again. DVI detectives make your life easier here.
Also, do your research before buying gpus whether they support the specific constellation of displays you want to group.

If that is not supported by your card or too much of a hassle or performance is not an issue, the way is either multiple renderers fullscreen on each monitor or one big spanned one like you said. Both (should) work nicely, which one is better performing will depend on what you’re rendering.

So far my experience with multiple displays.

vvvv crashes if you go fullscreen on multiple outputs at a time

Please always report the specific issue, this should not happen. Please be sure to include gpu type and which outputs you’re using.

Also if vvvv crashes for other reason, some projectors can have signal loss, and reopen can cause the same thing…

Very annoying, yes. My usual solution here: I never save patches with fullscreen renderers. I’ve got the renderers with their configuration in a separate subpatch, and only ever save that patch in non-fullscreen. It starts up and goes to fullscreen after 10 seconds. quite convenient.

Yes, exactly, your list has all the options I know.

Eyefinity now it works a lot better and more easy, but still the Vsync is never going to work perfect if you dont have same output type (all Displayport outputs grouped) which makes graphic cards more difficult and expensive to get, since those are specific ones…

Best option would be having Quadro that you can group in mosaic mode, even different gpus… you can do 4x4 1920x1080 single output… crazy. but $$$

I imagine the situation of a live show, when you need fast open of the project… in that case windowed is the best one.

So that means im the onlyone choosing windowed mode on dx9 ?!?!

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