DMX visualization


I searched on google a bit, but couldn’t find anything, so:
Is there a software that “simulates” dmx equipment? What I mean is I want to send DMX signals, but I don’t have the actual hardware here yet, so I would like to have a program that simulates that hardware and displays it in 3d-space so I can test my DMX stuff even without hardware. Does anyone know of such a program?

Thanks in advance.


there is magic 3d easy view

but kalle has got strong modules also

perhaps see kalle.modules.DMX

Thanks for the fast answers! =)

better to buy a Kalle ;-)

also there’s
‘esp vision’ and ‘wysiwyg’
these two seem to hold the standards for pre-visualisation of lighting effects, but they’re not cheap (unless you’re comparing their price to a pair of Martin mac700’s!)

i haven’t tried kalle’s modules yet because i haven’t had a moving light project since i saw them come out, but they look pretty sweet

since diki reworked the projectedTexture.fx the simulation-modules perhaps soon are capable to project gobos on .x-files soon.

workind hard on this right now.

kalle, its impressive…

wow, this getts better and better =)