Dmx usb pro nuget

HI ! i wanted to use the Enttec nuget but cannot find any documentation.
Demos should be available via the help browser but i cannot find them.
i;m surely to stupid to find them pls forgive me!

If you’re refering to this :

I don’t see any help patches in there either :)

did you get it to work anyway ? cheers!

i worked with it successfully using a dmxusbpro.

sending should be a as simple as this:

here’s the patch to try (note - i did not test this right now as i don’t have the device available).
Enttec_DMX_Sender.vl (11.2 KB)

thanks a lot!
that works great.
now i need a clever way to have presets and handle all this data :-)
(for now i “switch” between spreads with 512 entries…)
thanks again !