DMX USB advise needed (again)

Do you actualy have a DMX4all device over there??

yes, i have.
my old one and a new MINI-USB one.

@ Kalle, the DMX4all module on your userpage is ASCII and NOT block??

YES !!! i already admitted this in a former post.


yes its about 18000 real dmx channels, so we really need a lot of universes.

so you’ll need at least 9 datagates; not 6.

i think that it should be able to configure it as an “8out-device”.
but i’m not sure at all.

the manual says 8out-device does not work with Artnet…

Luminex do an 8 output box, do you think vvvv will handle 18000 dmx channels? I did ask what the max anyone’s tried, so I’d be very interested to know how you get on!