Dmx recommendation for small setup

dear vvvvellows,

i just read a ton of old threads and wikipages about dmx in vvvv, but it left me a little confused about which interface to pick for starting out. i need to control lights at a small venue. they got some (2 iirc) movingheads, some 4-8 rgb-led cans (by this i mean static lights. please excuse my noobish light-lingo ;)) and a small verrrry lo-res (something like 8x16) led-wall-strip-thingie, so a one channel/universe interface should do the job. minding my budget i was basically looking at these interfaces:

-Enttec ODE (looks most promising by now. artnet support is a big plus. only worrying about nonexistant isolation, but i won’t need isolation for cat-5, riiiight?)
-Enttec DMX USB Pro (seems to have a solid track record)
-DMX4ALL USB-DMX STAGE-PROFI MK3 (some old DMX4ALL interfaces have been claimed to be more on the slow side performancewise…)
-LAN-DMX STAGE-PROFI (actually i really dislike usb-connections, so this could also be an option)

so if anybody could give me some recommendations on these or even other units i’d be very grateful.


go for
enttec ODE


actually i really dislike usb-connections

that is exactly the reason why to go artnet. no problems with missing driver support for 64bit versions etc…

that was all the reassurement i needed. :)
also i seem to keep forgetting that i’m on xp64 which just adds another valid point to the artnet side of things…

thanks kalle!