DMX engine, first release

Hi every body.

I have a written a little exe, named little_cat( ;-P).
It s waiting from udp a 512 channels buffer, in unsigned char, and sending it to 5 different possible dmx interfaces.
You need first to have installed properly your drivers on your computer.
Then connected your interface.

Edit manually the config file, giving the range of interface desired:

Edit the UDP port you want to talk with. Do not type any return or space after the number port .

A patch to test little_cat dmx engine is coming with it.

I have made at home tests with enttec pro. seems to work correctly and smoothly.
If you encounter any troubles or need an improvement, feel free.

Joreg: i m very very very sorry not to have written a dll…
needs of more time, but this exe was quickly done in a couple of hours, so …
I promise to make a real serious tour in C sharp !

christoph (541.9 kB)

patch in the zip was a bugging hidden one… ;-((

here it is. :-))

files are also on my userpage.

To_little_cat_udpsender.v4p (19.2 kB)

I will shit my pants if this works for my OpenUSB one!! Not able to test it yet, that is why I didn’t reply… just to let you know… will post back soon with results!!

do not hesitate !
waiting to know if its ok … ;-P
(please owe a favour, do not shit your pants !)


It works :D :D :D

Cool cool cool!!!

Testing it with an Open DMX USB and a LEDPar 56.

I do get some glitches from time to time, not sure, if it is the patch or my cheap ass light.

I am now looking at your patch now, and I wonder about the efficiency.

If I send dmx 128 (50%) on channel 0, the patch generates an I (spread) from 0 to 128, and that is just for 1 channel! Why not just send 128? If I turn on ALL 512 dmx channels, I need to generate a 512*256 = 131072 slices!! That is insane I think!!

Surely you can code Little_cat a bit more clever than this ;)

But for now, just happy it works!

hi west, great it works…
yeah you are completely right the patch needs to be rewritten with a 512 spread. you know i m completely a newbie with vvvv…

dikki showed me after i posted this sample the great “think-spread- how to do”, that finally i have released for the black cat but on 120 channels…

a better normal patch, I hope.

you will surely quickly write an interresting patch for little_cat… ( i think i will learn a lot of new west tricks … :-P)

glitches: i have dimmer at home and udp connexion is working really good ( on same computer).

i had a quick look: no glitch with an LFO, i suppose that glitching are coming from sliders definition and conversion, or about refreshment ?

great you are happy, i m going to give water to my garden with a real smile today… ;-P