DMX and vvvv

Hi all,I have several rgb lights and relative boxes, what i need is to control them all by pc, which card or adapter is more suitable to use with vvvv ? hope i was clear and thank u all in advance :D

i use this one

thank u for interest and reply, what is the difference with this :

I always use the (cheaper) Entec open one.

edit: okay, we placed this the same time.

The difference, well, one, there is an Input on the Pro, but you can only use OR the input, OR the output.

And there is some power protection on the Pro, “data & power lines to protect your computer from surges”. Can save your gear.

Also, as I can recall, the driver protocol works a bit different.

If your computer crashes, how can you use the input on the pro to quickly switch over to a lighting controller?

HI hierro i would recommend you the enntec ode it is much faster and easier to use with vvvv as you use artnet , i would not recommend the usb pro i have both and the Ode works much nicer for me using the nodes artnet receiver and artnet sender . cheers

the ODE is faster and works fine with vvvv
btw same limitation as the USB pro explained by west:
“you can only use OR the input OR the output”

would prefere an usb solution, for easier usage, thought i have only some color info to send on one channel, do u think this
can do the job as well ?

okis , for basic dmx , i recomend you make your own dongle , i have done it a few times , for small instalaltions or when i,m somewhere with rush and not time to order an enttec etc .

you need 1 arduino -.
1 100ohm resistor .
1 RS 485 chip .
1 xlr plug that suits you dmx device 3 or 5 pins .
1 breadboard and or solder
1 a few short cables .

i have those resistor chips , breadboard in my interactive coming soon shop i can send if you dont find in your local electronic dealer .

here a tutorial how to connect those :

i can help you and provide a working patch and code if you need .

anyway i still recomend the Ode , you only need a ethernet device which all computer have and put ip,s in the same range basicly and you have a node in vvvv.

cu ;D

The Arduino Master :) You make it sound sooo easy! (and than you say: yes, it is that easy!). I wonder how the speed is when you use all 512 channels on a home made Arduino DMX interface. I remember trying a few different cheap USB Dongles (DMX4all) and they sucked when using more than 50 channels.

The Enttec Open is the cheapest I found that just works, the Pro is saver/better, and the ODE is Master, but everything comes at a price.

hey west hehe , yes the arduino version was slower i never used more than 12 channel with it ,not sure how will work with more but yes long strings with serial not good , but now that arduino uses Hid to comunicate with computer might be faster havent tried, .

and if you already have an arduino and breadboard the chip and staff will cost less than 5 euros .


Well, lots of info, thank u, by the way i dont have the time to play wih arduino actually, that’s why im looking for a simple plug and develop device, just need to send 3 values for a color, i think openDMX can be a nice solution, just wantend a confirm , cos i’ve never used that :D

well hierro the best is to use an artnet interface. But Open is working with vvvv and little cat.

thank u all, i buyed the openDMX will tell u more when it arrives :D

enjoy… no text …

I attached the patch I always use, it has an on/off toggle, and your DMX should be a spread of values between 0.0000 and 1.0000.

@Karistouf, any change that we can see this as a plugin some day? (and by-pass the UDP)

Little (342.3 kB)

we tried to make an arduintecc too. because it uses ftdi just like the enttec, it should have the same speed, or similar. We even make use of the west patch, so that any soft that sends dmx to an enttec should work. but we didn’t finished it yet.

@West: hello dear friend. Yes maybe a chance but its more question of time. Too much work and a second baby ready to arrive soon ! I think the incoming year will be somehow rock’ n roll …

I m waiting for a more stable VVVV to put my nose inside this wonderfull system of dynamic plug ins. But if you like, i can send you sources of little cat ! i know your skills ;-) Maybe this issue could come far more quicker iof you handle it .

sincerely YOURS

@manuel: the uno is no more using FTDI drivers.

@karistouf, I dont think you need a more stable release for a plugin , actually if vvvv GUI for plugins ca be bugged, you can just compile it with visualstudio or SharpDevelop and have, (*almost), the same result, as is working since years by the way :)

  • for some reason, some computation are faster in dynamic plugin, already made some test, nothing to do with release, debugger or optimized code :)