DIY Online collaborative editing tool

Hi all,

talking with @skyliner we would like to use some tool to share info, knowledge at #node17 hack space.

I created

  • works on mobile
  • no signup/login required, yes you can identify as @tonfilm
  • if nick is found on it will use its gravatar
  • only one user at the time can edit, current editing user is highlighted
  • when somebody finish editing the result is shared in real time to all users

we can add more features at hack space, or use other tools like

other features that we could add:

  • more papers to write into (by now there is only one)
  • highlight people that is close to you (in the web page, not in the real life :)
  • fetch data into a vvvv patch, then yes we could really higlhlight who is editing using projection mapping LOL
  • why not? It would be nice to drag and drop patches into the browser and visualize them using vvvv.js … let’s see what happens

how about it’s realtime, you can do diagrams and drawing and users can edit it simultaneously.
or there’s also

They look good, also @skyliner was looking for something similar, the idea is that it should be nice to have a tool to share info in a collaborative way, so any tool that can do that and everybody can use is ok.

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