Hi vvvvolks,
I’m trying to apply a depth of field effect so I’m trying the Distance shaderer. I actually have a question and a problem.

  1. the shader compute the distance between the object and the camera as a variation of color. But how can it be translated in blur values?

  2. The color computed from the shader totally hides the texture on my objects. How can I keep the texture and apply the depth of field blur to it?

Thanks for your precious help and keep on patching!

download the depth of fiel shader, you will see…

The DOF Combine? I thought it was only for beta8?

OK, I tried the DOF Combine. It works well but, apparently, only with X files and simple mesh; I mean I tried it with patches such as sanch’s superformula or grids with textures and the distance render a simple unicolor grid… any tricks?

well, the distance.fx renders a distance map, where the gray value denotes the distance. if you render any scene with vvvv you have to render the same scene additional into a distance map and combine the original and the ditance map as textures in a third shader, which applies the blur effect.

as the superformula manipulates the geometry (and therefore the distance to the camera), you have to write your own distance shader for the superformula.

errr… yes… I may wait a little longer before writing my own shaders… I can hardly understand all subtilities of vvvv…
Anyway thank you tonfilm!