Displaying arabic text

Hello everybody!
I am working on a project where I have english and arabic variants of the same text. I use skia to render the text and use version 5.2 of gamma. When I insert the arabic string into vvvv it gets displayed from left to right, which is of course to be expected, but there seems to be no option available to interpret the string from right to left and display it correctly. Next problem would be to insert breaks with breakatwidth which of course also inserts the breaks from left to right.

Does anybody have any experience with arabic text in vvvv and can maybe point me to a solution?

Arabic is a real pain to work with. I am not aware of any arabic support in vvvv. There are online services to reverse the characters to display correctly in LTR only software. From my expereinece non of these get it right 100%.
If i had to work with arabic in gamma nowadays, my best bet would be using NuGet Gallery | VL.CEF 0.5.1 to let the chromium engine handle the text.

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Thank you that totally did the trick!

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RichTextKit is supposed to suppport RTL text. So maybe VL.RichtextKit would also work for you.


Theres also a nuget called HarfBuzz for Skia.sharp.

RichTextKit is using HarfBuzz.

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VL.richtextkit sadly has some issue when running in current gamma builds.
I didn’t had the time to dig deeper or even update it so far.
in order to update it, it probably needs to catch up to the upstream richtextkit changes that happened in the meantime, including the .net6 upgrade.
so, nothing to be expected in the super near future from my side… maybe also makes sense to have a look at what possibilities in skiasharp emerged in the meantime and/or if there’s more suitable/sustainable/better solutions nowadays.