Display Resolution, Backbuffer Size, Scaling Problem

Hi! I have a general problem with Renderer and Display resolution in my old patches made with beta. I need to solve it for a performance and can’t re-patch them in gamma.

I have a setup of three displays with different resolutions (2160p, 1440p, 1080p) and different scalings in Windows settings. The displays are all connected to the GPU ports.
I would like to display two renderers of my patch as fullscreen on the WQHD and the HD display. The 4K display is used for patching.

For some reason, if the scaling of the both displays is set to 150% in Windows Settings, the reported Renderers’ BackBuffer Size exactly matches the native display resolution.
However, when changing scaling to 100%, the BackBuffer gets a much higher resolution (1440p becomes 2160p and 1080p becomes 1620p). Is it a normal behaviour?

Interestingly, FakeFullscreen reports correct DisplayResolutions (coming from ScreenInfo Advanced; and different from the basic ScreenInfo which reports wrong, i.e. higher resolutions). I tried to trigger the Renderers from Fakefullscreen, but still - the BackBuffer Sizes are much higher than the native monitor resolution. I understand that this is related to DPI but I don’t understand why the BackBuffer gets wrong size although the picture exactly covers the display.

My problem is that it is calculating a much higher resolution than is needed and actually displayed, which in turn costs me a lot of fps…

Any help is very appreciated.

Have you tried using Renderer (DX11 Form)?

Ok thank you. Never used this one and it seems to work (however toggling the fullscreen mode makes my vvvv crash).
But any idea why the “common” Renderer DX11 doesn’t get the right backbuffer size? Or is it normal behaviour?

Idk and haven’t really used beta for quite some time. Maybe it confuses the different scaling settings, have you tried with all 3 set to 100% (and quitting / restarting vvvv after changing the settings)?

Make sure to set the correct resolution on the pin.

so when setting all displays to 100% you have still issues? just in case, changes to scaling need at least logout from desktop to really take effect.

@bjoern Yes, I did, but this renderer seems quite instable.
Also, not sure if I can use View and Projection with it? And there is no pin for the AA samples. Maybe I’ve got something wrong.

@tgd @bjoern It is really strange. Now everything works again and the backbuffers get the right size. Really no clue what happened. Changing scaling works as well and doesn’t affect the buffer size. Hopefully it stays that way.
Anyways, thank you for your advices!