Display Bug


I’ve some probleme with vvvv, and I have a Live this night .

I Use 3 different render(x9) (with projector node) , inside I have a 3d model with video texture.

All it’s OK with One screen, but with multiples screens, When I move one render on another screen all my render view comes Black …

I don’t find the probleme some idea ?

video card : ati HD 5870 eyefinity 6

vvvv beta9

windows 7 x64

Thanks for your help …

sounds like you are extending the desktop in dual (or more view).
videotextures cannot be shared across different heads of the graphicscard. you have to use spanmode somehow
read here

span mode it’s not possible for me, I use 3 beamers … with a render on each …

I try to use 3 computer …

I’m sure it was reported that eyefinity supports spanmode… Can’t remember who said it mind, then you can use one renderer that goes across multiple renderers…
Or pray that Joreg makes my dreams come true…

@diez: no matrox triplehead lying around by chance? in most cases the easiest way to go

maybe that will work

you put your renderers on the screen you need
then save
then quit vvvv
then restart the patch with your renderers in the right place

i think the fact that the video card wont have to update the renderers from switching screens will help

does it works?