Dispatch UDP/OSC from VL and organize driving eksposed notes from within

Looking for a solution to receive/send MIDI, dispatch/demultiplex it there and drive the cataract of eksposed nodes (via OSC) from within VL, i stumbled over a thread by @mfan and came to the following question:
I please you to correct me if i’m wrong!

  • Since Output is useful for vvvv.Audio and visual Output at the same time, whereas ideal targets for both would be exposed IOBoxes all over the project: Wouldn’t it be a great benefit here if the OSC Input is dispatched completely from UDP in VL and rendered at audio rate instead at frame rate?

(Not speaking of using node’s descriptive names in the URI for eksposed nodes one day :) That would be a wet dream, of course!)

In general, catching UDP in VL could be a cleaner way, since the recommended way to dispatch MIDI is also in VL nowadays so finally all signal translation could be organized in VL :)

the experimental package in new alphas contains UDP nodes. every test is welcome… hope that works for you.

also work is in progress regarding eXposed IOBoxes 2.0:

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Looks like a big double “Yeah!”. Will get back and edit this post after cologne museum’s night. Btw, if you’re close, drop by: We’ll show “You Allow Me To Be - TALK” at Quartier am Hafen.

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