Disapearing node : SetSlice

since some time now i’m experimenting a weird bug. This happen mostly in big patches : sometimes when i open a patch many setslice nodes are just not here!!!
Even when i recreate the node and the connections and save this state, setslice will disappear.

Any ideas?


which SetSlice?

have look at your patch with XML Marker.
in rare cases i noticed messed up xml causing similar strange phenomenons.

schanz schenau

This happens to me only with SetSlice(spread)… and tested with beta 17 and 18

I’ll check the xml…

well i have an idea about that.

SetSlice was reworked between 17 and 18. the old SetSlice nodes were kept in the executable but were named “legacy” from beta18 on.
Additionally to that by opening old patches these were converted in a way that all SetSlice nodes still would refer to the same nodes, whose name was changed…
The result is that if you save these patches with beta18 and try to open them in beta17, that vvvv now can’t find these “legacy” nodes.

Maybe we should implement a behaviour that if a node with version “legacy” is refer to within a patch, and if that node is not within the system, that in this case the normal node is used.

Another idea would be to parse the difff.xml backwards when opening newer patches in old versions to somehow translate them back if possible. Therefore the difff.xml - holding the differences between vvvversions - would need to be put online somewhere; Because of course in the vvvvbeta17 folder the important passage within the difff.xml is missing - which is the info between beta17 and beta18…

The only tip for now:
We change things under the hood between versions.
Pay respect to that and make a copy of your project folder when switching versions. If a new version doesn’t work for you it might sometimes be necessary to restart from the patches made with the old version.

Good to know. Tx.