Disable vvvv ALT F4


I,m currently patching some staff that need to type write with the keyboard text in a renderer , i would like to disable the ALT F4 so the patch it is not posible to manipulate unless you reset the computer , I,m currently using shutup command and styx to disable all keys so only alt + F4 missing for me to block everything .

by the way is there any type writer plugin or module i,m missing that works nicely ?

i see many users including me making type writer modules but we all seem to have some dificuluties of bugs in them .


Here is the . reg to launch to disable F4
Must restart system

Check the tutorial I made for more explanations

@ David Strange things happened with attached files

F4_To_Nil.reg (3.2 kB)
Scancode_Quick_Tutorial.rar (109.6 kB)

And also the inverse F4 to F4

F4_To_F4.reg (3.2 kB)

Thanks a lot Anthony , very helpfull , works nicely ;D

Very cool. doing this via patch could be nice to mess up the registry xD