Disable a node with 0 or 1

hey people :)
i have a problem. i got my midi controller connected to vvvv. now i only want to use one fader. how to disable a node when the midi note is note 18 ?

i got out of the “=” a 1 or a 0. but how do i use this ?
hope somebody can help ?

Out of < <= = >= > nodes you get so called boolean values
1 equals to True
0 equals to False.
If you input a spread like this
17 18 19 18 and use 18 as parameter, you’ll have 0 1 0 1 out of it.
The most common use of this is with Select nodes. Check helppacth to understand how it works.

EDIT: Please post your patches, it’ll be simpler to explain in patch.

hey h99 again :)
here is my patch

i do not really understand the s e l e c t node :(

hey h99! do you maybe have skype ? i have a visual job on sunday and i would love to have a little deeper talk with you! :)

Select_4_raytrack.v4p (18.0 KB)

Hope this helppatch will help you to understand Select node.
That said, I have no midi stuff around here, so I can’t thoroughly test your patch. Hopefully someone else will be able to.

Yes I have skype, but actually I’ll have a pretty busy weekend and can’t assure any presence. As a matter of fact, I’m going to bed in the next minutes.
Anyway, I suggest you to start with simple problems with vvvv, then proceed to more complex tasks. VVVV has just one big step to leap on and that’s the very first. Once you’re on this first step, all the others you’ll overcome really, really easily.
Try to figure out things, this will help you a lot. Open and try to understand as much helppatches as possible. This is what I can tell you.
Good luck with your performance.

great patch you did for me :) i did really understand better now ! but sadly i dont unterstand how to use this for my problem :( but i try to think more about it!

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