Dirty patches after layout change. Not cool

So I like the fact that layout changes are being remembered nowadays (although I would argue that scrollx/y is not THAT of an important thing to save), but what is SUPER annoying is the fact that patches are marked dirty whenever I merely scrolled within them, or opened a subpatch or whatever, without actually changing anything.
As Eno has pointed out before, this makes working on large projects with several people verrrrry tedious and can even create show stoppers if you lose track of who changed what and whose changes are more important. (I guess you could argue now that I just need to be more careful, but hasn’t vvvv always been about making lives easier?)

I would be super psyched if next time I hit ‘ctrl+s’ I could just confidently say ‘Save all’, knowing that all I’m saving are things that are meant to be saved.

That’s my little dream for the next release :)

this was a big issue in the current release candidate… i think it behaves as you describe it, scroll and open subpatches does not mark patches as dirty. please test with the latest release candidate from here and report back:

for reference see this thread:

and the changelog:

awesome. that made my day :D
did you only just implement that? or am I imagining things?

it was in the alpha versions for a few weeks now…

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