(directx to ffgl bridge) vvvv <-> resolume link

I have a problme with linking vvvv to resolume.
I have running the Sharetexture help.v4p
but it gives no input into resolume.
the dx texture (RR) is just black.
some idea what i am doing wrong?

here are screenshots.

i’d recommend you to use spout, currently only in alpha releases:
each shared spout texture will show up as a source in resolume…

there is also a dx11 version:

and an option to control your patch from resolume via spout:

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I installed spout but I don’t get any input in the receiver.
I selected VVVV in resolume. but it don’t receive anything.
I also tested it in de spoutreceiver.exe. and it’s just a black screen

here are some screenshots:



The demo spoutsender and receiver works pefectly.
but can’t get the receiver to work in resolume. it seems that sender doesn’t really gives an output