DirectShow input pin in a custom plugin

I need to create a plugin that takes a video input on a pin (from a VideonIn node). What type do I declare my input pin as in order to do that? Are there any examples around?


AFAIK that’s not possible yet.

Maybe you can do what you want by writing a freeframeplugin instead?

Thanks ft!

That’s a pity though, maybe if I convert it to a DX9 texture first? I’m doing some tracking in C# code so I want to take the video in and output some values from it.

texture-in impossible also
all you can do is some app for tracking then bridge tracked data with say osc
or you have to write freeframe plugin…

Freeframe looks like exactly what I need, thanks!

FreeFrames is really old way to do it. In new way you need to create your own video input for any camera (PS3, Kinect) and send texture data from it, before it’s will be pulled to GPU. It’s not super easy.

I’m also waiting for generic way to pass texture data between plugins. By now i’m just sending IntPtr from my OpenNIKinect node to custom OpenCV plugin.