DirectShow Filter implementation


I’d like to work with the ebus SDK for gigE and USB3 Cameras ( and
as they already provide a DirectShow source filter I was wondering if it’s possible to implement such an filter quite easily into vvvv.
First I naively thought it would just show up as a VideoIn device, but it doesn’t.

Found a thread from 2006, but it wasn’t really clear about the implementation or rather not clear if it’s even possible…

Are there any resources/guides that I could look at?
Does it even make sense to implement such a filter or is there another way to get the stream into vvvv?


maybe this? vvvvimba-gige-camera-plugin

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for the camera I need to use…
Just thought there might be an easy way of getting the DirectShow stuff into vvvv…
Going to look into virtual webcams with graphstudio!

using a virtual camera driver is a good idea.

otherwise, depending on your motication to write some code, you can start with the code of one of our DS filters:

or write a freeframe:

if the virtual cam solution works as expected, I won’t go into writing code, but thank you for the pointers!

Update for anyone interested in something similar:
it actually works quite well with vvvv’s sharedMemRenderer.

Connect the directShow source filter to the sharedMemRenderer in graphstudio
and get the image with sharedMemory(Ex9.Texture) into vvvv.

Hm, still coming back to this:

If I have a dshow graph setup like so:

Is it possible for me to access the two different input sources with two SharedMemory(Ex9.Texture) nodes that have different pin name settings?
Couldn’t find any option to change the default #vvvv one in the dshow filter…



the filter implements ISharedMemParameters via which you can programmatically call SetShareName(string). so if you can write your own program that sets up the graph you can use the interface to set a sharename.

the filter does not implement a propertypage though that would allow you to do that via graphstudio.

thanks, but delphi scares me :)

here’s a quick and dirty plugin for gigE cameras