Directional Light and Spotlight won't render if position along Y axis


I’m using Gamma 2021.3.0 + Stride 0.9.69

I noticed that in Stride Directional Light won’t render (like it is disabled) if its position is set perfectly on the Y axis.

For instance, position values like:
[0. 2. 0.] won’t work
[0.01 2. 0] or [0. 2. 0.01] work

Problem only shows up along the Y axis.
i.e. [2. 0. 0.] or [0. 0. 2.] will work fine.

I’m using a Target position of [0. 0. 0.] everytime.

Maybe some divide-by-zero problem somewhere under the hood?
Hope this helps!

…and same happens with Spotlight :)
I’m updating the topic accordingly.

yes, we are aware of that, the culprit is a LookAt node used inside. so for now make sure that position and target are not exactly on top of each other.

If you need that, you can easily make your own light entity by connecting a light component to an entity and do your own transformation. the light entity nodes are only a “default” setup for easy use.

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