Direction of mouse movement

I’m trying to create a spinning ball that increases its speed and direction the more you spin it.

The problem i have is in knowing the direction the ball/sphere is being entered at and then rotating the sphere in accordance with that.

does anyone have any answers?

I’m sorry if I’m not explaining myself clearly enough.

Hi FrameDifference (Animation) may help , it will gives you a positive value on going right and negative on left

cool, that’s great. I think I can make use of that node plus FrameVelocity (Animation).

Now have you any idea how I could change the direction of the sphere?

can someone take a look at this please?

it changes direction, but not consistantly, it kinda goes all over the place!

edit: please ignore spin.v4p

spin.v4p (35.9 kB) (6.0 kB)

No real solution yet but your Dampers are not set to Cyclic, check the tutorials on Angels.

Also a nice node to know is Cartesian (3D). Saves you some Mesh/Split stuff.

thanks for the help, i don’t really know if what I’m looking for can be achieved.

i’ll keep trying though.