Direct mail

Hi vvvvorum guys!
Tell me how can send a picture to mail in the form of direct mail
like this


Can I send a letter to the vvvv?
That I created on a

i’m afraid your question is not really clear. have you tried the SendEmail (Network) that comes with the addonpack?

Hi mr @joreg!
Yes I know this node but it does not allow you to send messages in the form of Direct Mail.
Those. I want to send mail personalized page design =)

The content of an email is written in html.
You can write your html + css to style your email.
I honestly never tried html5 + css3 + js with email, but maybe it’s worth a try. I’d say it could work if you check your email with a modern browser; don’t know with a client like Outlook.

Email styling and html is a real huge PITA, forget about fancy html and external css, everything should be ioncluded inline, you are on the good path using mailchimp templates as they should be verified to work decently.

What is Direct Mail ? All I see is marketing jargon, please explain.


It is limited and limiting, not a real PITA, imho.
Just a tip: write your html with css external file. Then just look for that
class = “myClass”
and substitute it with
style = “property:value;”.
I’d say this is possible to be done with vvvv somehow, in realtime. So you can edit css and see results in html. When you’re satisfied, just use html with inline styling.