Digital painting in vvvv

I’ve been looking around on patches to create digital paintings. I would like to develop an application for a touch screen where users can draw with finger paint. Something like this:

  • I saw “Brush(Ex9)” which might be a simple line drawing tool.
  • There is also “dropping paint” (blog:dripping-paint), but without source code…
  • Catweasel published a spray paint tool (@catweasel)

Are there any other shaders or effects to perform a real visual feeling of paint, like shown in the vimeo clip ?

Thank you!

this contribution drawsmooth-(dx9)
can be useful for what you want to achieve

hi there is also tube2d

dripping paint can be found here as a contribution: gdrip


Hey good excuse to get rid of my generative drawing port from leander herzog.

(it does this flash stuff )

generative drawing.rar (8.4 kB)

Thank you very much, great help !