Difficulty with IOBox and Video

Heya, relatively new to VVVV, currently working on a project which switches between multiple IObox(string) with approx five slices in them, each slice with a .avi file in it. Currently using counters, switches, bangs and getslice to do this, and have got the videos running and switching smooth.

The difficulty I am facing is because the IOboxes are not running directly to the Filestream2 node, but instead through a switch and a getslice it does not recognise them as videos. What I mean is that when you put an IOBox(string) straight into a filestream2 it changes the IOBox so it says ‘Open’ next to it and lets you just click on the slice and then search your computer for the file you want to put there. But through the other nodes it just keeps it as a regular IOBox(string) which is going to be super annoying and maybe game-breaking when I come to implementing this program.

Any suggestions how I can work around this?

hei phoenix,

following the general instructions here: ioboxes you can change the configuration pin String Type of any string-IOBox to Filename. that should help.

Thanks heaps joreg. as usual, with VVVV the answer is super simple, just need to know where to look. Have a great day!