Differing Default Bin Sizes on Select (Value Advanced) & Select (Value Vector)

The Default Bin Size of Select (Value Advanced) and Select (Value Vector) differs slightly. The former had a default of 1 whereas the latter has a default of -1.

Convvvverter doesn’t deal with this. May break patches.

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Addendum: The problem occured with patches that were previously saved in alpha28.
The behaviour may be different when coming from betas <28.

darn, my fault.

@bjoern: behaviour will be the same from betas <28. simply forgot to set the right default while rewriting

hey woei,

can you name all the nodes that have the problem?
chat me! ;)

hej greggi,

should just be Select (Value Vector) which always defaulted to bin size 1 to behave the same as the native node on creation. just forgot to change DefaultValue for the pin.

all the other nodes should be fine with default bin size -1