Different behaviour of Select

there is something I don t understand.
Select (Spreads) and Select(Transform) behave differently: if I change the Select pin I multiply the spread count in teh first but not in the second.

I have a grid of cubes, then I subdivide each cube in 4 pieces and I want to apply the former translation to each group made of the 4 pieces… (does it make any sense?)



Select (Transform) is buggy I think. If you use GetMatrix (Transform), Select Advanced (with a vector size of 16) and SetMatrix (Transform), you get the result you expect.

IOBox node does this as well… i use it if i need the same transform slices multiple times… but you cant input multiple bin sizes, just one.

Select (Transform) bug is fixed already for the upcoming release.
if you need it now, just grab a fresh version from the subversion