Did anyone use the Quest2 AirLink with VL gamma?

I just give a test of the VR example patches on my old DK2 and I was amazed how fast and nice it runs
I was wondering if anyone used the Quest2 via USB cable, or with the AirLink with gamma, and how nice it went

Both the link cable and airlink work with VL. Stride. I remember initially getting it working was a bit of a faff, probably because I connected via Steam and eventually figured out I could use the Oculus software to go directly, but it’s not too hard to do.
The link cable is pretty quick but if you don’t have a good quality usb3 cable it does effect the responsiveness of t system. You don’t need to use the Oculus branded one though.
As for Airlink, its really responsive. You may notice a bit of compression artifact but in terms of motion I didn’t perceive any lag compared to the cabled version


Ok I finally tested a Quest2 under gamma, amazing
I was with a 2,4ghz cheap router, and I was not cabled to my PC, so the bottleneck was clear, but still it did work out just fine

But I did found a weird situation in witch the content was still streaming, but the “view” was frozen in place
It was like viewving a quad in 3d world, but that quad had a 3d “texture”, so If I stay in place, I was able to translate/rotate the view, but it looks like the position data and the controlled data was interrupted
At the same time, from Gamma side, the data from the controllers were frozen also
Restarting the patch did not work, but restarting vvvv did the trick

I think the situation was triggered when the headset loses the view of the controllers, but I was not sure

I did not have enough time to do more tests, it was just a 30 minutes quick test, but I would like to ask here if anyone knows the reason of this situation.

Amazing work of the vvvv team for doing this so easy to implement!

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