DFG1394 graph problems

I’ve used this before with no problems but now I cant get it to work properly.
It works at 320x240xrgb8 but every other res/bit depth the graph is broken, and in graph edit I cant connect the pins as the cant agree
Attached are screen shots of the graph, any suggestions of how to fix this?

video in test-DirectX Renderer_2008.06.11-11.52.54.jpg (37.8 kB)
video in test-DirectX Renderer_2008.06.11-11.53.17.jpg (31.6 kB)

hola cat,

can you comment the different screenshots?

53.17 shows the disconnected graph, settings other than 320x240 rgb8
52.54 shows the graph that works ie 320x240 rgb8

but they are all from watching the graph vvvv builds?

if you build the graph in graphedit yourself it works differently?

if this thing comes with a driver reinstall it.

K I’ve done hotfix, no better, and built a graph and the same thing happens when I try and change anything, it says This Format is not currently available, and now I seem to have lost the option for 720 as well.
I’m at a loss!

Untitled.GRF (8.2 kB)

Not good news their tech suport have said they cant get my graph to run with the Video mixing renderer, which I take it is vvvv’s default ?