Deworm broken in 27.1+?


majortom projects#deworm is working ok in version 25.1 but in 27.1 and 28.1 it’s a no go. I looked into replacing legacy I (spreads) and Resample items but to no avail.

Opening the help file displays the object in the renderer but no changes are seen when editing iobox’s input, except for ‘bin size’.

Last comments and info on this module in '07, it worked presumably up until around vvvv45beta25.1 (released on 18 02 11), and now, no.



check in the deworm patch bottom right there is a Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join). make sure it gets its Apply set whenever something changes. seems the mesh is now more conservative in updating itself in a quest to save performance when updating is not needed.


merci, c’est ca! Attaching an LFO (Animation) to a Change (Animation) to the Apply pin of the Mesh means it will continuously update. But, then I notice some odd behavior that wasn’t there before. In VVVV 25.1, when ‘TwistFix’ is enabled in deworm 1.3, there are smooth transitions of the texture/lighting (see ). Now however there is some jitter, as if the normals are flipping sporadically. Where did I read something about a new flicker issue here, and might that be it?

oh, I can also just attach a constant value to the Apply pin, but still the flickering. :(