DevOps vvvv - installation infrastructure maintenance

Maintaining installations with a lot of vvvv clients.
Deploying, updating, synchronising, monitoring, infrastructures based on vvvv and third party tools using vvvv and third party tools.

We are going to deep-dive: on to maintaining large scale vvvv installations.

Including updating runtime components, CI/CD, caching, issues with windows updates, psremoting, synchronising our stuff, monitoring availability of network devices, sources and all the infrastructure for CI/CD based on vvvv/VL clients.

Topics: vvvv, w32tm, PHP Laravell, Redis, Docker, smbd, PDQ, Zabbix

Format: masterclass and discussion.


Super interesting. I vote for… assuming I have a vote.


good topic. might be something for a self hosted unconferences session during node… would be curious to check in as well…

Hey @david

Really no clue how it’s going to happen this time, though there is streaming or something. Lemme know if you interested, the OBS streaming worked quite well for vvvvorkshops stuff…And I’m on decent connection…

here is how it generally work: we onboard with an app called ‘talque’. we also call this the festival hub. there you find all workshops and conference sessions. you register for a workshop and get a zoom link when it starts and its time to attend. All workshops will be automatically streamed to all other participants who where not lucky enough to be part of the zoom session with the host…

In addition to that, everybody can spontanously create a discussion topic and start a video call session whenever you like. others can enter this session at any times while its running.

so basically you only have to login during the week and be in touch with the others and check the program prior or while its running.