Devnull values

Hi there ! i have in my list of R values a lot of devnul. More and more the project is growing, and more there are devnull. I didnt’ find with Finder any S devnull node. Any idea on how to correct this or find wich subnode is the faulty one ( cleanup is done oftenly also while developping). #beta41x64 Thank you !

I remember that s nodes reset to devnull if you don’t connect an iobox to it

Hello sunep ! Ok, but Finder is not mentionning it in this hudge projekt. If you have any tips how to proceed, it would be great ( especially with finder, im not accurate with it)
thank you

I have no good idea on hov to proceed besides just go through all patches and subpatches.
Come to think of it, the main problem is in the R nodes that default to the top enrum in the list of stuff it can receive if you don’t connect it to an iobox with the name

Perhaps the devs have a clever way of fixing this.

And definitely fixing this bug.

thank you sunep

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