Developing a single player game in VL

What’s happening in your workshop?
@amir and me want to offer a workshop in which we will be programming a little singleplayer game in vvvv, covering object-oriented programming principles and strategies how to structure the application.

What will people learn?

  • Structuring the game in records and classes
  • Handling application state
  • Integrating assets like audio and sprites
  • Creating different views depending on the game state

Who is it for?
Designers and patchers who want to learn more about structuring an application, handling state and creating simple games.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
Basic understanding of VLs language methodologies (pads, regions, spreads)

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?
2 sessions with 3 hours each.

What’s the teaching level?
Beginner - Intermediate

How do you qualify for the topic?


vlappy bird?


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