Developer wanted for VLC-Plugin-Addons

Hello there!

We have an urgent request because we need to use video streams in a project. We have to use RTSP-Videostreams - reliable.
Basicaly, VLC is able to play networkstreams and libvlc is able to do that, too. We thought, the Filestream (VLC) should also be able to do that, but that’s wrong.
We tried the old VLC-Node in DX9 with vlc x86 1.9.1 and it was kinda working but not reliable. We don’t want to use DX9 and x86 in our project, so we would like to work with the DX11-VLC-Plugin.

Plus, comandline-parameters stopped working after the vlc-update to version 2, this has something to do with the problem, too.

We urgently need a helping hand at this point, someone with plugin coding experience. Sad to say that vux has no time to help us at the moment. We will fund the development.

Best, Andreas / 17K

is it necessary to be done through VLC? If we have time in uberact we might be able to cook up something for you with a C# library and a plugin implementing it will give back a MemoryStream containing raw frame data, from that you can create a texture!

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Thank you, Dávid!
We contacted the developer of the first vlc-plugin, he’ll check whats possible. If we run into unsolvable bugs I’ll come back to you because our main goal was to use vlc directly.
Best, Andreas / 17K

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