DetectObject not working on Laptop

Hello there

On my Laptop DetectObject is in vvvv list of nodes, but when I try to pick it, menu closes but nothing gets added to the stage. I’ve tried it with antivirus software turned off, in administrator mode, in dx9 mode - all failed. It is weird, because on my desktop PC it appears to work normally.

I’m using win7 64bit OS on both - laptop and PC, as well as latest vvvv beta (29.2 32-bit)

I wonder what the problem might be.

Thank you in advance,

hei, can you please try with latest alpha and report if that works.

So, I fiddled around with it, tried everything until I came upon a thread that told vvvv isn’t friendly with Pd software. Uninstalled Pd and that’s it - everything’s back to normal. The weird thing, though, is that everything else that I used worked with Pd installed. I suppose it only affected some of the freeframe plugins :)

So, in the end, the problem is solved.

indeed. meanwhile you can still use pd next to vvvv as long as you don’t use the pd-installer but their .zip download. and rest assured that next version of vvvv has this problem fixed.