DetectObject is missing! x84 version

im trying to make a vvvv facial recognition patch with the help of the “Facetracking” .dll and the DetectObject.dll. Basically i want to use the “Prototyping Interfaces” Example but everytime when i want to start the patch the “Facetracking” section keeps staying red with the notification that its not found in the libary "DetectObject(FreeFrame Dshow9) is missing (%VVVV%/lib/nodes/freeframes/DetectObject.dkk)[id13].

Im already using the X84 version and i still not find the soultion to make this working.

thanks for the help!


helo marcolinus,

indeed, as mentioned on the missing in 64bit builds page, all nodes from the category “FreeFrame” are not available in x64 builds. still you have other options:

  • there is the ImagePack contribution which also has a DetectObject node.
  • the other option is using the newly available VL.OpenCV pack, which you can also use in vvvv gamma

let us know if you need any more help with any of these.