DetectObject crashes

Hi guys,
I made a patch with a simple face detection using DetectObject (FreeFrame DShow9) with haarcascade_frontalface xml. If I power on the PC and I launch the patch everything works, but if I close and re-launch the app it always crashes. Only after a reboot the patch starts without crashes.

Seems that when I launch the app vvvv writes “something somewhere” and then I’m not able to restart the patch. I have to open and close the app during the day so it may be a problem.

The issue comes from DetectObject (FreeFrame DShow9) because if I disable it the patch works without crashes.

Any suggestion?


can you elaborate on that crash? are you saying everything starts and runs as usual and after a while crashes? or does vvvv not start at all this time? how does that “crash” look like.

if vvvv doesn’t even start the second time check the task-manager for a running instance of vvvv.exe after you closed it. it may have gotten stuck on close.

use format texture on ur video in and set format to RGB, as i remember most of the problems it had an incorrect input texture format

Sorry for my late reply. I tested the patch again. I checked the task-manager: seems that vvvv quits rightly. When I restart the patch vvvv starts, shows the patch and immediatly crashes and appears the Win8.1 error “vvvv has stopped working”.


yea u need to erase detect object in patch. open it with notepad find detectobject erase to . As for making it woork u need find where u can set RGB format on webcam or whatever