Detecting people at night time (motion tracking/sensor/openTSPS/openCV/)

Hi to all of you for a first time!

I’m very much in the beginning of using vvvv. Though I have basic knowledge and will ;) And now I’m looking for a helpful hand.

To project two different videos during night time, outside. 1st vid is actually a still photo and when someone comes close to the space 2nd video appears and when person goes away 2vid smoothly changes to the 1st one.

I need a help to figure out what technique to detect people is the best one.This is what I thought:

  • infrared sensor + arduino + vvvv (night time? hmmm)
  • openCV (with what I can eat it?)
  • openTSPS (-//-)
  • motion tracking

Of course time is not my friend this time so I just googl’ed and read a lot about different possibilities but it would be nice to hear experienced people’s opinions and then put all the effort to make it.
P.S. I’ve tried to play with openTSPS but I didn’t manage even to capture a video…

kinect is a handy tool for this… think at the depthmap… with that you can easily detect humans anytime…

hi sapo! Yep kinet is a great thing! But I don’t have it and there is now way to get it fast. So I have to go in another direction…

Maybe there is someone who used openCV or openTSPS? I need some guidance how to get it to work. Watched tuts but they’re a bit too advanced.

Hi Gabi,

If you can put the it in a high/wide position, a security camera could do the trick. They have infra red lights on most.

Use a video capture card (less than £60) at the PC end. In vvvv you can subtract the background with something like ‘Framebuf’ ((… u7 freeframe plugins)) and then use the contour node to get the position data of your person.

With a ‘hittest’ you can choose where the switch proximity is.

If space is tight though, try the Arduino with an ultrasonic proximity sensor. Alas, I haven’t used on myself, but they don’t look to hard to program.


PS, be careful about isolating the interaction. If there are lots of people moving around in the view of either sensor, its gonna muck up your tracking.

hi gabi , if i understood well you need a trigger to tell when someone is close to your hotpoint or when there is none .

you have many options :
-Use a webcam or Cheap cctv camera with infrared filter and light .
Use Trautner node and select hot spot you may not even need to light only detect changes .

-Use arduino and a ultrasound or infrared distance sensor etc.


even with a PIR sensor depending how acurate you want the interaction , you could use some paper or plastic around to limit the area

you need to play the 2 video files , check out the codec faq of vvvv regarding video playback
a blending node to fade
and for the trigger, if the installation its as simple as that, buy a cheap usb mouse, or keyboard, get 2 wires from any key, or the middle click of the mouse and connect that to the output of this
( some of them already have a rele inside, so theres no more electronic needed , check that, you dont want to send 12v to your usb!! )
and, well, adjust the sensor and a ADSR node value and thats it

if you want to be more complicated remember that kinect detects people “4 meter around” associating a unique ID to them so…