Detect Object (CV.Image) crash vvvv


I try to detect object using node Detect Object(CV.Image) and when i put haarcascade, it suddenly crash the vvvv and also if i try to use detect object using Detect Object(Freeframe) it not detect anything when i put another haarcascade it crash again.

any information on how to solve this? thank you in advance

Are you using x86 or x64? I would recommend I using the x86 version first

@guest i already tried using the x86 and x64 but the result is same, it always crash

iirc the node was really picky when connecting it’s upstream image-inputpin. like it crashes when the node is enabled but you unlink the link or similar. can you find a reproducable pattern for this crash?

Hello @sebl the crash only happen when it enabled the video input or change the haarcascade file, when it use the default haarcascade it run well but didnt detect anything.

i had this file succesfully running. it detects head&shoulders

regarding the crash, as far as i remember, it behaved strange/crashed when dis-/connecting the input when enabled. try to find the exact situation when the crash appeared and try to avoid that. best would be, if you could make a patch that reproduces the crash. with that one can eventually debug the node and fix it.

HS.7z (134.0 KB)

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Dear @sebl
It works for me if im using the haarcascade that you attached. but if im using another file, even i already disconnect the input, it suddenly crash again.

here i create a simple test patch to test haarcascade.

bodytrack3.v4p (6.7 KB)

No luck here either … with either file.
Can’t seem to make it work, latest dx11+b35.8+latest image pack.

I attached a nice image of some man for convenience.
DetectFace.v4p (4.4 KB)

Hey there,

i have the same issue has someone solved this? Its also not working with the file sebl posted.

Its working on my PC but on a intel NUC detect Object leads to crashes. On both latest Beta’s x64 and x86 - have not tried the VL opencv yet…

Can u suggest a stable Version?

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