Detect Audio Mute

Hi All

I am wondering if it is possible to detect if system audio is muted or not. I have been searching the nodes but can’t really find something that will let me know if audio has been muted or not.


you could use the fft node with a + spectral on the output and a > with some treshold , and also some stopwatch to make sure is not a short pause.

In my system, values in the outlets of FFT (DShow9 4Channels) are changing even if no file is playing (guess if this is ok, though… if someone as any hint about it…).

Anyway, when lowering volume from maximum to minimum, output values get a reduced range and become smaller (and that’s ok), but when it comes mute state, the node outputs something like the last processed values, so that it will never reach zero. So, if I mute sound from maximum I’ll get last, “very high”, values…

It ain’t this big problem, though, many workarounds are possible, more or less precise…